Claiming for an industrial illness caused by your working environment

Many people aren’t aware of the risk of contracting diseases as a result of the type of work they are in or their working environment. Because of this lack of awareness when people become ill they usually put it down to being unfortunate and don’t make the connection that there might be a reason for their illness. People should check whether their illness is because of their present or past working environment because if it is then there is a good chance they will be entitled to industrial disease compensation.

Workplace accident claims and your rights

There are jobs which have an element of danger about them and there is only a certain amount which can be done to limit this potential danger. In such cases it is the employer’s responsibility to make the employee aware of the dangers they face and make sure they are comfortable with this before exposing them to the risks. Whether a job is clearly dangerous or not though, there are guidelines laid out for employers to make sure a workplace is as safe a place as possible for employees.

How to prevent accidents at work

There is always a chance that an accident will occur regardless of where you work. There are of course certain factors which will have an impact on how severe the accident is such as they type of job, the equipment used in the job and what the worker has to do in the job. Although there is always that looming risk of an accident, it does not mean a person can’t prepare and minimise the chance of an accident happening to them whilst at work.

What is Vibration White Finger?

ibration white finger is known by many simply as white finger syndrome and vibration white finger is its more professionally known name. Also known as VWF for short, it is a common problem with people who work in industries such as building or road maintenance and some other jobs where machinery or power tools are commonly used. VWF occurs due to very strong vibrations from tools repeatedly and at long periods of time and the condition can worsen the longer the tools are used.

Common workplace diseases

Employers have a legal obligation to make sure workplaces comply with health and safety regulations nowadays. These regulations cover things such as equipment standards but also make sure that workers aren’t at risk from anything which can cause illness. Workplace claims related to illnesses are increasing and there are a number of different illnesses which employees are at risk from in certain environments.

Illegal vodka distillery may have caused Boston explosion

Chemicals associated with alcohol production have been discovered at the site of an explosion that left 5 men dead and another seriously injured. The blast occurred at the Broadfield Lane Industrial Estate in Boston, Lincolnshire, and police have indicated that the evidence appears to support rumours that there was an illegal vodka distillery on the site. The injured man is currently receiving treatment at a specialist burns unit in Birmingham.