Sleep Apnea Exercises: Excellent Adjunct Therapy You Cannot Afford To Ignore

If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, chances are that you have been recommended urgent weight loss. Body weight and sleep apnea are intricately related and without weight loss, no treatment for this distressful sleep disorder can be effective. Over and above doing physical workouts and controlling your diet, you would also be advised to do sleep apnea exercises if you wish to hasten the treatment process.

Sleep Apnea Symptoms: Why It Makes Sense to Keep a Close Watch on the Most Important One

While millions of Americans fall victim to this utterly disabling sleep disorder, there is something paradoxical about sleep apnea symptoms. Sleep apnea continues to be one of the most undiagnosed and hence untreated health conditions. This is despite most people being aware of its short term distress as well as long term, at times fatal consequences.