Tips To Avoid Procrastination

When you occasionally postpone tasks, or keep away from annoying chores, you’re not alone-everyone procrastinates at times. Based on Psychology Today, 20% of grown ups are involved in procrastination often enough that this can become challenging. Procrastination influences work productivity, good results, and eventually, self-esteem. Don’t hold back until tomorrow-read on right away for some tips on how to deal with it:

Beat Procrastination And Improve Your Study Habits

Are you a procrastinator? Do you like to sleep in, half-complete tasks and leave everything to the last minute? Well join the club! 94% of people worldwide are in the same boat as you. And 94% of people also love saying the following four words: “I’ll do it tomorrow”. We say these words to ourselves knowing that an assessment date draws closer and closer or the list of chores gets bigger and bigger, but we just keep on saying it anyway! Unfortunately, this doesn’t help us in the slightest because it results in well, nothing! And that’s the point, nothing is getting done.

How to Kill Your Self-Confidence in 7 Easy Steps

I write consistently about how career women, women entrepreneurs and women in general can boost their self-esteem and self-confidence. But I never write about things you may be doing that could be drastically diminishing your self-esteem and confidence. So I wanted to take an opportunity to put these in front of you so you can mull them over and decide if you’re putting your self-confidence in harm’s way.

3 Steps to Curing Sunday Night Stress Syndrome

As a career woman or woman entrepreneur, do you suffer with anxiety on Sunday night in anticipation of Monday and the coming week? I suffered from this for ages. I’d settle down to relax on Sunday night, and then suddenly I’d feel by belly tightening. The sensation would creep up into my chest, squeezing my insides as it went. Relax? Not a chance. Now my brain was spinning like puree in the blender.