Simple Test Tells You If You Should Be Seeing Your Bellevue Chiropractor.

One question that I hear all the time from my patients is “how does my wife or husband know if they should be seeing a chiropractor?” There are multiple ways to know if you should be seeing a chiropractor and not all of them have to do with pain and discomfort. I have developed a test for the neck to determine if you are a candidate for chiropractic care called the “head turn test”.

Bellevue Chiropractor Shares Some Surprising Statistics About Back Pain

Back pain relief is just one component of chiropractic care, but it is often a patient’s first introduction. Back pain can radically change the way that you live your life, interfering with home and work. If you are suffering from back pain, you are not alone. Here are a few facts about back pain that may (or may not) surprise you.

Bellevue Chiropractor Shows You Adjustments To Your Golf Game

Chiropractic care is standard for many pro golfers and increasingly for many Senior Golfers as well. Professional golfer Lori West attributes the reason she’s playing today to chiropractic. Nearly two decades ago, she began visiting a chiropractor for pain in her shoulders and neck. According to West, the care has infinitely improved her golf game.

Bellevue chiropractor has an answer to your TMJ.

Life is stressful. If you live, work and play in Bellevue Washington as I do you especially know this to be true. I was just driving in downtown Bellevue yesterday and the traffic made me tense and irritated. In our modern world stress comes in many forms, from job stress to family stress. All this stress is starting to takes its toll on our bodies and I see the signs of this every day in my chiropractic office. One problem that has a cause of stress is TMJ.

Can Balance Tell Us Anything About The Health Of Your Brain?

As a Bellevue chiropractor one of the tools that I use to assess my patients nervous system is to have them stand on one leg. The balance center of your brain is an important part of your brain. Why don’t you give it a try? Stand up, close booth eyes, and while standing as still as possible lift one leg up off of the ground and stand on one leg as long as you can. Normal function is roughly 20 to 30 seconds. Now try it with the other foot, see if it easier or harder. How did you do?

Advances in Technology and Chiropractic

If 40 years ago I had told you that one day you would be able to go to the dentist and have no pain, you probably would have laughed at me. The thought of a doctor performing a surgery by watching a TV and moving computerized arms was unheard of not all that long ago. But, here we are 2010, and all these things are here! The same is true for how technology has influenced the field of chiropractic today.

Back Injury’s In Bellevue.

There comes that time of year, every single year, where we have to do physical activities that we may not necessarily want to do, but really have no choice. Even as I speak right now the snow was falling in Bellevue, and with snow comes shoveling of that snow. This is a seasonal activity that I categorize as “have to” activities as opposed to “want to” activities. Being that the snow is falling now let’s talk about the seasonal activity of shoveling snow. The neat thing about this talk is that even if snow is not an issue where you live, this information can also be used in your gardening, digging, or any other yard related activities.