Sun Tan Without The Sun Using Sun Solutions

Vanity is a woman’s weakness since time immemorial. Various elements were concocted and applied on skin, either helping it or making it worse. The quest for better products never stopped. Sun Labs, a family owned company, is in this pursuit since 1983. Safe and natural, effective and convenient solution to beauty, these are the qualities that make this brand the finest in the market.[youtube:yz5J_MAPJ5s?version=3;[link:Self Tanner];]

It has been successful in addressing Caucasian age-long tanning problem. Using only safe and natural ingredients, it boasts of healthy alternative solution forgetting a much coveted darker bronze skin tone. It now has a product that could create even sun-tanned skin without the sun.

The sunlight may have health benefits but too much of it shows as freckles, red rough patches, age spots, spider veins and wrinkles, making it look loose and leathery and dry. UV light impairs the natural healing process, breaks down collagen and stops its production. Collagen is very common and very important protein that gives strength to cellular structure and stuff cells. Together with Keratin, it makes the skin strong, flexible and resilient. Another important protein that is responsible for elasticity is the Elastin which is also impaired by too much exposure to the sun.

Another effect would be aging. Although it is a natural process and everyone is not exempted to it, nature and nurture both play a part to make it happen. Because nature is dictated by genetic make-up, nurture is the only thing that can be manipulated. Nurture would either help it or delays it. Therefore, it is wise to be protected and to know what skin care products are beneficial and those that are harmful.

The damaging sun-exposure not only ages but also causes the dreaded big C. Skin cancer is common among light-skinned persons. It is a condition with uncontrolled and abnormal cell growth. Symptoms vary but the most common are ulcer that does not seem to heal, patch or discoloration or mole that is deforming.

For a long time, light skin tone symbolizes aristocracy until the end of Victorian Era. It was in 1920 that the famous French fashion designer Coco Chanel got a sun burn travelling in some parts of France, who then got positive feedback for sporting the new tanned look. Meanwhile, a promising French singer who has caramel skin tone, by the name of Josephine Baker, soared to popularity. Her healthy dark tone was well appreciated and getting sun tan has become the new fad.

By 1940’s, sun bathing was recommended as a good health practice. Bikini swimsuits became a fad that getting darker tones fast was what everybody wanted. Ironically, the previous fashion outlook had looked down on the darker skinned for hinting a lower working class that is frequently exposed to the outdoors.

Getting a wonderful dark tone can be healthy with the many products of this company. One particular product much loved by Hollywood celebrities and professional tanning salons is the tinted self tanners. Some other popular products are the handheld semi-professional sunless tanning equipment, and roll-on self tanners among others.

For those who really love the sun, Sun Labs have products that take care of the skin exposed to UV lights like the Tan Moisturizer Maintainer. It is safe to apply its products as often as one wants, including the sun-less tanning formulas. All of them are made from all natural ingredients.

Rather than risking the skin problems associated with too much sun, you should try the spray tan available at Sun Labs. You can learn more about tanning agents by reviewing the information online.

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