Suggestions For Acquiring A Massage Table For Your Practice

For new massage therapists who are only starting, finding a massage tablethat fits their start up budget is a big challenge. When you are working as a massage therapist the largest start up cost, aside from renting a space to practice, is the table that you buy. Having the right Massage Table makes all the difference when you’re starting out because if your customers aren’t cosy or do not feel that the table is supportive they will not want to come back to you for another massage.

Check The Local Paper

Look for advertisements that mention a salon or chiropractic office is closing. Frequently those sorts of businesses have massage chairs and tables that you may be in a position to buy for a discount since the business is closing. You may even be well placed to score a luxury table for a discounted price. You also might find adverts from folks that are giving up the business and selling the massage tables that they own.

Check Community Billboards

Outside the local natural foods store or co-op there are typically community bulletin boards where folks post advertisements for items wanted and items for sale. Post an advert searching for help to find a table, or look for advertisements from folk who want to sell old tables that they do not use or tables they don’t need. With new upholstery and some small changes even an old or used table will work for somebody just starting out.

Even though you’ll have a budget for purchasing your massage table, do not compromise on the safeness of your clients by purchasing a table which is old and not actually safe. There are a large amount of top of the range massage tables which you’ll be capable of finding which are 2nd hand if you can not afford to purchase a new one.

Are you interested in learning more about massage tables? Jayne writes a specialized blog about Massage Tables that has great 1 links and tables to buy from her Massage Table Center website.

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