Suggested Quit Smoking Procedures

Smoking as we know is indeed bad for our health. Although the government and the different institutions are pushing to inculcate its side effects, many still can don’t know how to quit. There are still occasional and chronic smokers around us. Luckily procedures already exist to quit smoking.

Some may have already been enlightened seeking immediate solutions to end this habit. To date, there are many answers to stop smoking. The effectiveness of this procedure is dependent on the methodology and the smoker’s desire to stop it. If you happen to belong to this working circle, here is how on how to stop smoking and its top recommended methodologies.

Solution 1: Cold turkey. This is a procedure known focusing on quitting smoking once and for all. This looks like a normal turkey that is dead, cold and plucked. This often equates n how usually we have turkey at home. Preparation wise, there is not much to do to cook turkey. This is what this methodology is all about. This could be the simplest yet most difficult of all proceedings.

To improve the success rate of the method of cold turkey, every smoker should bear in mind the withdrawal symptoms that will take place with that. Start with a spirit that you too can change, but it will take you days or months on adaptation. You also need to drink lots of water in order to help your body in flushing itself quickly. As a substitute for smoking, use straw or other solution to keep your mouth and hands busy. Make sure you do something when the craving sinks in such as a walk in the park and computer games to distract attention.

Solution # 2: The laser treatment. Thanks to medical advances and modernization where laser is already becoming a necessity, but also a proven solution in the long process of quitting smoking. It also goes hand in hand with acupuncture.

The session of laser therapy works by reducing the points of the nicotine urge. This is the point at which the use of acupuncture sets in. This procedure has been shown to actually reduce the desire to smoke. Since it targets the cells of the body, this has been indeed very effective. Several countries including the U.S. and the United Kingdom strongly support this methodology. With 60% success rate on their sleeves, this is undoubtedly the number one quit smoking procedure. Besides quitting, it also leaves alcohol cravings as well.

These are some of the many quit smoking procedure any smoker can do and get. If you really desire to live longer with a healthy lifestyle, it would be better to have these treatments done now. What is the use of smoking when you are slowly killing your system? Better do the change now.

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