Strategies To Help Guarantee A Less Dangerous World For Kids

From the moment kids start going to school, it is hard for parents to guarantee their safety. This really is my issue as a parent. As soon as my kid began high school, he would tell me stories regarding bullies and students who turn to illegal activities, that made me worry.

I had to do something and the only way to get this done was to bring the bullies to justice and in the end safeguard my boy. I had to obtain proof so I asked him to keep a hidden camera pen to track them down.

Definitely, I was reluctant to possibly put my own child in peril. I consulted a cop friend regarding my actions. On a personal note, he suggested me to continue on with my decision to utilize a spy camera.

Having a hidden camera pen available, my son started to trail the bullies while feeling a bit terrified but exhilarated also. Each and every time he came home from school, we would view the video that he caught.

I am captivated by how small technology has grow to be. I got him a pen hidden camera having a 2GB DVR. He can use the pen to write as well as, at the same time, conduct covert quests just like video and audio recording.

Things like these were just found in the films. Right now, they’re part of our modern world. An incredible thing is that this small hidden camera pen, which I located online, does not need to have an external electrical power supply to function. It’s a wireless camera.

Our good luck arrived on the third day of my son’s secret monitoring. He was in front of his locker the instant he witnessed 3 bullies ganging up on a younger student. In the past, they were never captured mainly because there was no evidence of their identities.

My boy pretended to write something down but he pressed the button which triggered the hidden camera pen into recording and therefore caught the incident. We took the problem to the principal but asked for anonymity for concern with my son’s protection. Today, I believe I have taken an excellent action in protecting my boy even when I’m not near.

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