Staying safe in Seattle

Excellent news: the rate of violent crime is going down. In fact, it’s been decreasing over the last five decades.

The bad news, however, is that it really doesn’t matter if the rate of violent assault is going up or down if it happens to you. And violent crime takes a high toll on its victims: women who are assaulted are at increased risk for depression, attempted suicide, anxiety, insomnia, and a host of other maladies.
Self defense is the practice by which a person protects herself from any bodily harm from an attacker either by simply protecting herself or by a counter attack. A key self defense strategy is always to be conscious of your environment and avoiding situations wherein you will be placed in an hazardous position.
Self defense classes should not be taken only after a scary encounter. It should be an critical part of safe living, most especially for women.Self defense classes will prepare women to protect themselves on an assault, but the most important tool would still be presence of mind.
In the Seattle, Washington area, an increasing number of women are preparing to protect themselves from assaults and are enrolling in self defense classes.

Women in the Washington area have been proactive instead of remaining scared, especially after a number of sensationalized assaults on women runners.Women self defense is always a hot topic in women’s organizations, also in the course of everyday conversation.
Finding the correct women’s self defense class can be a complex exercise. Normally, when we say self defense, what initially comes to mind, is to register in a martial arts class. While martial arts are an excellent choice for those who are willing to give months and years to training, they are not the most desirable choice for women who would like to learn the most efficient skills in a short amount of time.

Karate or taekwondo techniques take years of training to learn and master and are not usually the most useful ways for women to learn fast so they can immediately protect themselves.

Martial Arts is an art, self defense is a way of life. Women’s self defense classes will instruct more basic techniques, such as how to use your teeth to bite your attacker, your legs to kick and your arms to set yourself free. It will also teach you how to be vigilant of your environment, how to be alert of danger, how to act and carry yourself so you do not attract danger. Remarkable as it may sound, women’s self defense classes will also teach you how to most effectively use your voice to attract attention and deter possible danger.
Women’s Self defense in the Seattle, Washington area is being taken seriously by its citizens, and becoming a very popular class as well as a fitness regime. There are quite a number of women’s self defense classes available. Choosing the correct class depends on your need and lifestyle.

Joanne Factor is an expert in the field of Women’s Self defense. She instructs and empowers women in the Seattle, Washington area. Her goals and mission is simple. To teach women simple and effective life skills to increase their safety against violence and abuse. You can reach her direct at (206) 202-0748. You can also get more information about her self defense classes in Seattle on her website at

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