Some Information About Skin Tag Removal

Skin tag removal should be done only when one has a thorough knowledge, regarding the same. Skin tags are basically small growths that develop on the skin. The tissues by which they are attached to the skin are called as stalks or peduncles. In most of the cases they are harmless. At times they might be cancerous. They are of the color of the skin or may be a little pigmented.

There are a variety of ways in which, the skin tag is caused. Almost half of the individuals in the world have had them sometimes in their lives. The major cause of it is the friction between the clothes and the skin. Skin tags are usually present in regions like the chest, the armpits, the waistline and the groin area because of the friction with the clothes. Constant rubbing of the ornaments on the neck, makes it more susceptible to skin tags.

Generally overweight and obese individuals have a high tendency of getting them. The multiple folds that their skin have are responsible for the same. Tags are thus formed due to the constant friction between the folds. Skin tags may also be normally caused in women who are pregnant. Heredity can also be one of the causes for it. There is no relation between skin tags and age as people of any age can get it.

There are a lot of options available, to get rid of skin tags. Surgical removal is one, amongst the various options. The option of surgery cannot be opted if the number of tags present are many. Home remedies come as a rescue, in such times.

The individuals who are strong enough should opt for the first option, that is to be mentioned. The reason for this is that, it requires the person to cut them off with a sharp pair of scissors. This process involves losing a lot of blood. Hence sufficient quantity of cotton should be kept handy. Also care needs to be taken to use a sterile instrument. On not using a sterile instrument, there is a huge possibility of an infection being caused.

One of the other do it yourself method involves the tying of a thread or a dental floss, around the skin tag. As a result of this the blood supply to it obstructed. This then leads to the skin tag falling off after a certain time. At times it may not be possible for the person to tie the tag themselves. In cases like these, taking help from someone is advised.

Freezing is yet another method used to remove the skin tags. The method of freezing involves the drying of the skin tag, which eventually leads them to fall off. There are certain problems related to this method. The use of liquid nitrogen causes a short term discoloration of the skin. The probability of the tag recurring is also higher in this method.

The procedures stated above to remove skin tags are safe. However their implementation should be executed cautiously. Skin tags are in some case, present in the vicinity of very sensitive areas like the ears, the nose or the eyelids. A physician should be consulted in cases like these.

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