Snoring Remedies: They May Not Be Available Round the Corner

People laugh when someone gropes in the dark trying to locate suitable snoring remedies. With so many options available both online and offline, such solutions are perhaps the easiest to find and the problem is one of the easiest to solve. Not really; try and hunt for a solution yourself the next time you come across such a problem. Finding a way out is tougher than one can imagine.

It is a fact though that there is no dearth of solutions to end this sleep disorder. This does not necessarily ease matters for solution seekers. This goes to prove that there is no remedy that applies to all. If something works for someone, it may not work for his or her neighbor. This is because people snore for a variety of reasons. Unless you can pinpoint the exact reason, the search for remedy could be endless.

Why is this issue a tough nut to crack?

A host of health problems can be cured with a single remedy. But when it concerns this particular sleep disorder, no single remedy is universally applicable. Therefore, the way to go about solving the problem is to locate the exact reason that results in the noisy problem in the bedroom every night. This is if you want to cut down on the time spent on research.

Causes of snoring: what makes people snore?

Snoring is mainly outcome of mouth breathing caused by blockage of the nasal passage. During sleep, along with other muscles of the body, breathing muscles (those linked to soft palate, uvula, etc) also enter a relaxed state. In this state, they may collapse and vibrate, if they are weak and flaccid. The noise of vibration is the snoring sound that we hear. But what are the likely factors that cause nasal blockage? Here are some common reasons:

– Cold and allergies

– Polyps

– Nasal turbinates

– Anatomical defects like deviated septum, crooked bone at the bridge of the nose, etc.

– Excessive body weight

– Sleeping too much on the back

– Consumption of excessive amounts of alcohol

– Improper pillow height

Of course there could be several other reasons as well, but these are most common. Do you find any of these reasons matching with why your nasal passage might be blocked making you snore?

Finding solution to counteract the cause

The solution for snoring also depends on how severe the condition is. For example, if the condition is between mild and moderate caused by poor lifestyle choices, the solutions could be:

– Weight loss

– Giving up alcohol

– Sleep more on the sides than on the back

– Increasing pillow height

– Use of stop-snoring pillows

– Doing stop-snoring exercises

When the condition is severe, like that resulting from deviated septum, etc, surgery may be the only way out. Somnoplasty and septoplasty are two popular surgeries, amidst many options that can permanently end the problem.

In summary, the snoring remedies that worked for your best friend might not work for you. The only way you can stop this noisy menace is to know what factors trigger it, after which finding the best solution is not that tough.

In order to choose the best snoring remedies, it is advisable to find out the root cause behind it. Visit for a comprehensive report on the different causes of snoring.

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