Should Supplements Be Ignored?

You do not have to ignore supplements even if you eat enough vegetables, fruits, whole grains and so on. This is so because even in that case, the actual amount of minerals and vitamins you eat in your diet is going to be quite small. Unfortunately, the recommended daily allowance of nutrients is out of date and does not take into account a declining environment, foods that are over processed and otherwise denuded of nutrients. Today the tiny amounts that are listed could barely prevent scurvy and some other nutrient deficiency diseases like pellagra. However, to adequately maintain total health, huge amounts of food will have to be consumed. That will be beyond the consumptive rate of even some animals.

Even saying this, consuming supplements instead of good diet will not be great for the system. Well balanced food together with supplements is able to give you really good results. Taking supplements and eating nutritious foods enhance the effects of both, making them both working better and faster than only one or the other. In addition, food contain substances that could not be well known to what health effects science has yet to discover and could play countless small to major roles in maintaining good health. In addition, there has to be no substitute for a good diet. However, supplements together with such foods are vital to great health.

Today with hectic styles of life, both parents are traditionally working and the children are going to school and different after-school activities. Bearing this in mind, even sitting down to a good nutritious meal is not always possible. With even the smaller amounts of food supplied nutrition, the supplements play a great role in a healthy style of life and work together with nutritious food. If you are not eating great well balanced diet, the need for supplementation is going to greatly increase. Supplements are not toxic to the human body unless you take large amounts of fat soluble vitamins such as vitamin A and D and such minerals as selenium and iron. However, it is necessary to continuously consume great amounts of them over a long period of time. Nevertheless, they are toxic and fat soluble vitamins and minerals have to be avoided on great amounts over prolonged periods of time.

Ignoring supplements can end up being a great blow to your health, especially if you are living on an over-polluted planet like our one. High rates of heart diseases, cancer, increasing male infertility, obesity are all the result of an over-polluted and over-processed planet. Supporting your existing diet with supplements in careful and measured amounts will help prevent such afflictions and diseases.

However, you do not have to forget about well balanced diet. Remember that supplements are aimed to supplement the diet, but not replace it.

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