Several Things To Consider When Finding A Skilled Long Island Dentist

You’ll find Long Island dentist who have obtained extensive training placing dental implants. Unfortunately, there are also a lot with little training or experience. Below are some guidelines to help you get the best practitioner

Find someone who makes use of the newest technology. As implants have evolved, so has the technology for putting them. The use of CT scans and Simplant imaging software is now popular in implant dentistry. Search for a practitioner who makes use of these technologies.

Here’s an indirect way to determine if the surgeon you’re considering performs a lot of implants without asking them directly: Find out if they have an iCAT machine or similar machine capable of making 3 dimensional images within their clinic. We are not talking about a simple panorex machine which just takes a 2 dimensional film, but a machine capable of 3-D images. If they have this kind of machine you can guess they place a lot of implants. Why? The machines are very pricey to buy or lease. If a person is only treating one implant patient a week their volume couldn’t support the purchase of such a machine. This doesn’t mean that someone without this type of machine does not place lots of implants, it could just mean that that person hasn’t purchased such a machine for whatever their reasons. You can bet that someone having such a machine in their own clinic places implants on a daily and frequent basis and does so at a pretty high volume.

Also, locate a dentist who has faculty sessions in implant dentistry. Recall earlier how we said that just about any dentist can perform anything in their office that THEY feel competent to do? Scary isn’t it? Well, choosing a person who has faculty appointment raises the chances they know what they’re doing. Most dental schools as well as hospital residency programs don’t let inexperienced practitioners teach dental implants. Once again, this does not mean that a few without a faculty appointment has little experience or isn’t qualified, but all other things equal, look for a few that teaches dental implants and placing them in their clinic.

Lastly, is the Long Island dentist placing the implants a “carpetbagger” or do they have their very own practice? A lot of general dentists have a dentist come into their office one day a week to place implants. These kinds of “carpetbagger” dentists go from office to office rather than developing their own practices. What happens if there’s a problem and you have to be seen on a Tuesday, but the “carpetbagger” is only there on Friday? What if you’ve got a problem 2 years from now and the “carpetbagger” not anymore works in that clinic? Who will likely be accountable? How will you locate them? Who is going to pay if repairs have to be done? You must get the answers to these questions before you begin. By seeing a practitioner who’s got their own office, there is a degree of security in knowing that the individual is well established and had set down roots. They’re there on a regular and consistent basis and hopefully, will be there for many years to come. Given that it costs no more to have your implants placed by a well established dentist instead of a “carpetbagger”, why would you opt for the “carpetbagger”? Is the convenience of having it all done in a single work worth what you may be giving up?

Whenever a New Yorker has missing teeth, they should locate the ideal dentist or periodontist who is an expert in pain free Dental Implants in Long Island. Finding the best Long Island dentist could make a big difference in receiving the comfort, peace of mind and dental healthcare that they deserve.

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