Scuba Diving For Dolphins and Turtles In Mexico

If you are searching for a warm, friendly country with a bit of a difference, you could do worse that add Mexico to your short list. If you are asking yourself what there is to do in Mexico, well, there is plenty of history, delicious food, culture and beautiful, beautiful, deep-blue waters. If you are searching for a bit of adventure in your holiday, scuba diving in Mexico could be it.

If you are not already a scuba diver, that is not a problem, because you can learn from square one at many of the diving schools and diving clubs in Mexico.

However, if you want to get the most out of a diving vacation abroad, you could try to learn the fundamentals before you climb on the jet.

You see, you can learn everything in Mexico, but not a lot of schools will take you out into the sea, until it was safe for you to do go; until you were competent. This might take longer than your two weeks vacation. So if you could have the basics out of the way before you went, you would enjoy sea diving more.

There are many diving features in Mexican waters that can be reached by scuba divers, even novices, but one of the great thrills that a great deal of beginners crave is swimming with dolphins and turtles and this you can do in Mexican coastal waters.

However, besides these larger sea animals, there are thousands of varieties of fish: some small and some very large. There are also reefs, plants and wrecks.

One of the easiest methods of finding a reliable diving club, is to book the diving at the time you book your holiday or through the hotel when you get there.

You could also book via the Net before you set off and check on a club’s reputation by entering into a search engine: “concerns with ….” or “disputes with …”, where ‘…’ is the name of the club.

If you are already holidaying in Mexico and you would like to have a try, why not enquire about a local club with a decent reputation for being safe divers at the neighbourhood yacht club or marina?

People who spend a lot of time on the water and who own boats locally are certain to know someone who will take you on. They might even take you out personally.

No matter where you go on the coast in Mexico, you will find scuba diving clubs and teachers, so do not let that put you off. If you do not have your own diving equipment, do not worry – very few novices have a full kit.

Most individuals rent in the start until they are sure that they are hooked on the sport, because a full set of diving equipment is not cheap, although you could get your first wet suit second hand.

Look in diving clubs and on eBay for second hand diving equipment, you will definitely save a heap of money until you are sure that scuba diving is for you.

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