Redmond, WA Chiropractic Care Helps Relieve Back Pain Safely And Naturally

A Redmond chiropractor is a physician who is dedicated to the non-invasive, drug-free care of disorders in the musculoskeletal and/or central nervous systems. This is achieved primarily by focusing on the spine and its surrounding structures. Chiropractic care also involves the use of other safe and natural therapies. This branch of alternative medicine has a different philosophy on health and healing to traditional medicine.

Chiropractors take a holistic view toward health. When assessing and treating patients, they take the entire being into consideration. Chiropractors do not merely focus on the symptoms of pain or on specific parts of the body. They believe that a person can only achieve true health when the spirit, body, and mind are harmonious. This often requires patients to change their lifestyle choices, nutrition, and emotions.

A doctor of chiropractic (DC) usually addresses back pain and accompanying symptoms with chiropractic adjustments. These are high-velocity, short manual thrusts. The purpose is to re-position vertebrae that may have come out of line. The adjustments relieve nerve irritability and restore functionality and range of motion to the back. Chiropractic adjustments are also known as spinal adjustments or spinal manipulations.

Mobilization techniques are also applied. These are low-velocity stretches, movements, and manipulation of the joints, muscles, and ligaments. The objective is to strengthen and extend the range of motion in those areas. When the skeletal system has been restored to its natural state, the body’s innate ability to heal itself can take over.

Chiropractors also use other equipment and therapy modalities such as deep tissue massage, ultrasound, traction, and electrical nerve stimulation. These improve circulation, alleviate pain, and reduce inflammation. Exercise is an important component of recovery and it may incorporate cardiovascular, stretching, or strengthening exercises.

For instance, the Redmond chiropractor might prescribe exercises designed to strengthen under-used muscles. Similarly, over-used muscles may need to be inhibited so that the right balance in the skeletal structure is achieved. For back pain, exercises to strengthen under-active or tight muscles in the trunk and pelvis produce very good results.

Back pain sufferers, you can get long-lasting relief, today! You can find information about the benefits of consulting a Redmond Chiropractor at now.

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