Reasons For Having Manhattan Vaginoplasty

Manhattan Vaginoplasty has become a very popular procedure in some circles. Technological advances in the field of medicine have made some techniques obsolete, and others that were impossible are now possible. Manhattan vaginoplasty is one of those procedures that owes it’s existences to these advances.

Vaginoplasty refers to any procedure that deals with the vagina. This may be a cosmetic procedure but there are medical conditions that require it. This can be a corrective procedure that is medically necessary such as in the case of a prolapsed cervical wall that needs surgical intervention to correct it.

For women who have had babies naturally, there may be complications arising from this. The vaginal walls stretch in order to let the baby pass and this can result in several issues arising. Vaginal muscles may lose their tone and become weakened, especially in women who have had multiple deliveries.

Surgical techniques are now available to solve these problems. The weak walls can be tightened and the diameter of the vagina reduced. In cases where the patient wants this, the labia can also be surgically manipulated, to result in a more beautiful appearance to the outer parts of the genitalia.

This kind of surgery is not only for women who want a better sexual experience. It can be done simply because the patient feels that it is possible to have a good-looking vagina, and wants that. This is the procedure that is also performed on men wanting to change to women, so that although they are genetic men, they have the sexual organs of a female.

Once one has had the procedure, recovery takes up to one and a half months. After the surgeon has given permission, life can return to normal for the patient. Before undergoing the surgery however, one must be sure that one has chosen a doctor with a good reputation for this procedure.

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