Quit Smoking Appliation on Facebook

For the smokers who want to break away the old habit, here’s a new creation from Facebook that will help you keep away from smoking. This is the “QUIT SMOKING APP”!

Asian Age report says, Nicorette support is an application to improve of social networking. The advantage of this application is that it is a way of adapting to a new communication method to help the smokers.

This app guides the smokers into a process of quitting or reducing the habit of smoking.

The app contains the following subjects: individual quit timelines, reasons for quitting, smoking triggers, and craving patterns. In this manner, the app keeps account of the specific needs of the smoker and develops a convenient plan to support the smoker in the quest to quit smoking.

In addition, this application allows communication between other smokers who want to quit, and allows the smoker to build network with people going through the same practice of trying to stop or who have already succeeded. Smokers and former smokers can exchange views, advice and comments on the way to quit smoking.

Garima Pant is an advertising professional who stated that the miracle of quitting has to come from your motivation. You can stop it if you are really sincere. Also, she stated that this app can make people happy and content in attaining success in giving up the habit. She said that this is useful if you are interested in quitting the habit and sincerely follow the procedure. You’ll get nothing and will not succeed if you’re not willing to comply as per need.

This application can assist you to begin the process of giving up smoking. It will inspire smokers to quit or lessen smoking habit if they have an affirmative mind-set. However, if they are not willing to put in the effort, then this attempt may fail. These observations are from a teacher and a former smoker Rahul Khandewal.

Adarsh, a serious smoker, told he would love to try this application on the cell phone and Facebook. He believes that this tracking app could be different and useful, unlike the different phone applications tested by his friends that just didn’t succeed in helping them quit.

Theres a lot more information on Electronic Cigarettes and also about Quitting Smoking at Cignature Magazine

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