Possible Connections Between Asian Flush And Cancer

There is new evidence that Asian flush is linked to throat cancer. The condition which is scientifically known as alcohol flush reaction but more commonly known as Asian flush, is a condition that stems from a genetic mutation that causes the sufferers to lack the enzyme ALDH2. ALDH2 is responsible for the breakdown of acetaldehyde, a poisonous byproduct of the metabolism of alcohol. Wow, that’s a mouthful, but here’s the basics. People with Asian flush are unable to digest alcohol properly and there are leftover poisons in their body that gives them the red face, puffy skin, and other nasty reactions.

Some people with Asian flush have symptoms that are so severe or uncomfortable that it causes them to give up drinking completely. Some scientist believe that in this way did the gene for lacking ALDH2 get passed down through the generations. People with a lower tendency to drink and therefore develop the life-threatening conditions related to it were more likely to survive, and thus much of the Asian population today sufferers from Asian flush.

However, another portion of people with Asian flush, who are able to tolerate the overload of acetaldehyde, may develop a dependency on it. For this reason, modern culture often associates red faced individuals as being alcoholics. The dependency on acetaldehyde and the resulting red face means that the two are often closely linked.

The consistent overload of toxins, in this case acetaldehyde which is a known carcinogen makes such people more likely to develop throat cancer over time. The throat cancer which is caused called squamous cell esophageal cancer, and is the same kind of cancer caused by smoking.

Certain home remedies recommended for Asian flush such as antacids and antihistamines, while they may mask the effects of alcohol flush reaction, and in some might seem to even cure Asian flush, won’t do much for the build up of acetaldehyde, or the addiction to it, so if you are planning on using these over a long period of time, you should consider the possibilities and consequences involved.

Many articles and medical sites have postings similar to the following.

For those people who have grown up in another country, such as the USA, there are a few options, but not many. In recent years it’s been discovered that antacids can help with Asian glow. Antacids preventing Asian glow produces mixed results, with Pepcid and Zantac being the choice brands. This is kind of a trial and error approach to preventing Asian glow. I myself found these to work when I had one or two glasses but anything more and it only took the edge off the outward appearance of my Asian glow.

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