Physician In Jacksonville Provides Laser Tattoo Removal

You may have heard many scary stories about how expensive and painful tattoo removal can be, However, tattoo removal Jacksonville laser practitioners will perform this service with minimal pain. You can get rid of those unwanted tattoos, without having to resort to plastic surgery.

Stories circulate about how painful it can be to get a tattoo removed. However, reports from laser patients have been very favorable, with only a few experiencing a quick sharp, but bearable pain. To avoid pain and discomfort you will have the option to numb the area using a cream with anesthetic properties.

Throughout the process, very cold air is applied to the tattoo area using a Synercool device. This helps to prevent you feeling any of the intense heat being applied with the lasers. The lasers apply heat to the area causing the ink to break down. The waste product is then disposed of by your immune system. The practitioner can utilize a combination of lasers during a procedure.

Getting your tattoos removed by laser will require more than one session. The number of sessions will depend on the size, depth, colors and type of ink used. Professional tattoos have been known to take up to 15 sessions to achieve the desired results. While those tattoos that have been applied by non-professional artists, may be removed in around three sessions.

With a minimum of three sessions and a six-week gap recommended between sessions. It can take a considerable time to remove a tattoo completely. Although the laser procedure can be a slower process than plastic surgery, it can be more effective, cheaper and there are fewer chances of scarring or infection.

The tattoo removal Jacksonville laser practitioner offers the service within the industry’s best-practice guidelines. That does mean that this is not an overnight solution, and the six-week interval is a mandatory requirement to prevent overloading your immune system and putting your health at risk.

You can learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the laser tattoo removal process and find information about a reputable physician who specializes in tatoo removal Jacksonville at now.

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