Phenomenal Restless Leg Syndrome Solution Which Eliminates This Disease

Not too long ago, Restless Leg Syndrome was a relatively unreported condition even though it affects as much as ten percent of the population. The reason why, is that there is no way, other than the sufferer’s verbal description, to diagnose or any physical means to prove it’s existence. This has caused considerable resistance from medical professionals and patients alike to acknowledge it as an actual disease.

Restless leg syndrome’s associated symptoms can range from a mild discomfort to an extreme pain in the legs resulting in a strong desire to move the legs to provide some form of relief. The symptoms usually occur at night right before bed time which leads to a serious problem with sleeping. This lack of sleep has a significant impact on concentration during the day causing serious problems at work and performing daily chores.

The restless leg syndrome association conducted a study, using more than eleven hundred volunteers, and found that nearly sixty percent of the volunteers were not even aware of the disease. It wasn’t until they were given a detailed description of the disease that almost 1/4 of them stated that they or someone they knew had experienced the symptoms associated with restless leg syndrome.

Contemporary medical practitioners have been seeking the answers behind what causes this condition in hopes that the answer would lead to a more permanent solution. Their research has uncovered that restless leg syndrome appears to be a genetic disease due to the many family members who share in experiencing the associated symptoms.

Recently, a major medical facility performed a controlled study on more than forty nine hundred volunteers, from ages twenty five to seventy five, hoping to discover the actual cause that will lead to developing a cure that will eliminate this condition for good. The results were very enlightening as they discovered that over ninety percent of those suffering from this disease shared in a bodily deficiency. Their bodies failed to produce enough of a crucial mineral.

Since the first reports of this condition began to surface, there have been large leaps of progress and a lot more effort in educating people who believe they have Restless Leg Syndrome. There are a number of medical professionals who believe there is a direct link between RLS and other diseases such as Parkinson’s disease or diabetes. They found that the treatment for these diseases also provide a measurable amount of relief for those suffering from restless leg syndrome.

When it comes to the pharmaceutical approach, there is a great deal of resistance due to the serious consequences of this conventional method. Unfortunately, sometimes these medications tend to become less effective or the sufferer notices that the symptoms begin to return earlier in the day. As an example, the sufferer who takes their medication at 8pm may see the symptoms returning a bit earlier the next day at perhaps 6pm. This particular complication is known as augmentation, which usually leads to more medication being prescribed.

As this condition becomes more accepted within the medical community, the reality of its symptoms are being taken more seriously. This is a life changing event in a person’s life which tends to get even worse with age. There are no conventional means for a cure in sight but, due to the foresight of some very caring medical professionals, there is some real hope in alternative solutions. With all our medical knowledge, we need to find some viable solutions for these unfortunate sufferers real quick….it’s hard to imagine the level of suffering unless you have experienced this condition yourself.

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