Panic Attack Treatment – It Is Not Difficult If You Follow Tested Methods

Due to the nature of a panic attack, treatment can be difficult. Panic attack treatment is varied because the symptoms are. Symptoms tend to vary from heart palpitations, restrictive breathing, to hot flushes. More often than not, it was brushed aside, believing it was stress related and nothing more. For this very reason, diagnosis of the condition can be difficult, and until recently it was uncertain that the condition existed at all.

Recent studies have shown, it is a very real and often serious condition which leaves the person feeling debilitated and unable to cope with what’s happening to them. Have you felt your heart rate is elevated above normal, and experienced hot-flushes? Have you ever felt extremely anxious? If yes, then you’ve most likely experienced a panic attack. You would have felt overwhelmed by sudden anxiety, and find yourself trying to look for drastic ways to try and calm your self down. The causes for a panic attack are often varied and sometimes unknown, but is most often related to high stress levels and even substance abuse as the most common causes.

Ways to stop panic attacks do vary. They tend to be either chemical treatments, psychological, or natural. Many of the chemical, drug, treatments are similar and all contain the same chemical, benzodiazepine, in them. All the variants have a sedatory effect on the nervous system, calming the person down quickly and effectively. Instead of such strong measures, psychologists often prescribe anti-depressants, in order to assist treatment. However, the side effects can be anything from hallucinations to apathy, and might even result in addiction after long periods of continuous use. The reason being, by regulating Serotonin and Dopamine levels in the brain, the person will become more relaxed and happier with life. This means there is less reason for an attack.

Psychological counseling for panic attack treatment is also common. The person spends some time talking to a professional, trying to work through their problem. Behavioral therapy like this, can emphasize a person’s state of mind, when the attacks occur. By giving sufferer’s better understanding, of what is actually happening to them, they become more able to reason with themselves during an attack. Thereby controlling the symptoms more effectively.

Natural remedies seem to be just as effective, but rely heavily on the individual’s ability to work through it. This can calm the person down. Anxiety often causes rapid breathing and by breathing into a paper bag, it will reduce the breathing rate and the amount of oxygen intake. can calm the person down.

Another way is to affirm that you will be okay and let your body just see it through, without fighting it. If you have a good understanding of the condition and its symptoms, you’ll be well on your way to effective panic attack treatment. Discover other vital tips about stop panic attacks at:

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