P90x Workout Program Trains Your Complete Body

The P90x Workout Program has become popular the world over. It is an exercise system for the entire body, which sells for roughly $120. It is made up of video instructions on DVD featuring trainer/creator Tony Horton assisted by fitness models, a nutrition plan for 90 days, and a fitness plan and calendar.

The exercise regimen lasts 13 weeks with each week consisting of six days of workouts and one day of rest. It was created by Trainer Tony Horton and Carl Daikeler, the CEO of Beachbody, the company that markets it. Beachbody currently brings in about $400 Million annually and about half of that is for P90x.

Their plan includes what they have termed and trademarked as “Muscle Confusion”. This is supposed to cut the amount of time it takes you to get into shape or lose fat. It is designed to keep the body from getting used to the exercises, what’s known as hitting a plateau. It does this by changing the movements from day to day in each workout.

Beachbody claims that users can meet any of their goals for fitness. If you want to lose body fat, they have incorporated cardiovascular training. If your goal is to put on muscle size, they have designed resistance exercises to do that.

Included with the package is a supply of mixes to make into the recovery formula. This protein shake allows your body to build lean muscle mass and to recover more quickly. Enough for thirteen weeks is included with the order.

The twelve DVDs make up different workouts for each day. These are broken down into three emphases, including “classic”, “lean” and “doubles”. Each video lasts less than an hour and hits a different body part.

The Nutrition plan they have included is divided into three phases of thirty days each. The initial phase focuses on a high protein, low carbohydrate diet. Second phase increases the amount of carbs you can eat. The final phase is what they call “athlete’s diet” and includes more complex carbohydrates.

It is similar in many ways to the Atkins diet. Created by Dr. Robert Atkins and popular ten years ago, it was also a high protein, low carb diet. It also increased the amounts and types of carbs you could eat as the diet progressed.

One of the strong selling points of this system is that you don’t have to go to an expensive gym to do the workouts. All that is needed are items that are available at a sporting good store and can be easily kept in the home. These include push up bars, pull up bars, towels, resistance weight bands, a chair, a stool, and a yoga mat.

The P90x Workout Program is definitely one of the most popular on the market. It is becoming more popular through word of mouth, through Beachbody’s infomercial advertising, and through the videos appearing on YouTube. It’s effectiveness and popularity seems to come from the fact that it integrates many of the previous workout and exercise trends of the past two decades.

P90x Fitness Guide because it will work out your entire body. Let us tell you more about the cool p90x right now.

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