Overcoming Panic Attacks – How to Overcome Panic Attack

If you feel a rather sudden but intense fear and anxiety, accompanied by breathlessness, burning sensation, numbness, dizziness etc, you are probably suffering from an episode of panic attack. Since the symptoms are similar to a heart attack, more than one panic attack victim have been rushed to emergency. Once you experience an episode, you live in dread of it happening again. The constant anxiety increases the probability of it happening again and you become a victim of anxiety disorder. In extreme cases, you may even develop agoraphobia.

Panic attacks not only affect your social life. You may find it impossible to do the simplest tasks as you worry and worry with various extreme scenarios. Here are suggested a few tips by which you can stop living your life as a victim and instead take control again.

* If you realize that a panic attack is coming on try to stop it at the outset. One way is to breathe deeply. Hyperventilating in a paper bag also helps to lower the initial anxiety.

* You should consult a physician or a therapist to deal with the problem.

* You can opt for medication to lower the level of anxiety. Over the counter drugs are quite helpful. Otherwise anti depressant drugs can be prescribed for you.

* Another way is music therapy. Choose calm instrumental music and keep the recording handy so that you can use it whenever you need.

* One treatment that has been found to be quite effective is the cognitive behavioral theory developed by Viktor Frankel. This theory has two elements – the cognitive and the behavioral. The key is to identify the thoughts which trigger anxiety. You then have to isolate these thoughts and search if there is any logical basis for them. This part of the therapy is called the cognitive theory. You have to assume an objective approach. The other element of the therapy is behavioral theory. You should not avoid the places and situations which have triggered off the previous panic attacks. Such avoidance will only heighten the problem and may lead to agoraphobia. Instead you should confront your fears. You should visit the place which triggers your panic attacks during some other time to free your mind from any unpleasant association. This CBT have proved to be quite effective in many cases.

* Always seek for alternative explanation for your feelings during a panic attack. When a panic attack comes on, you should at once try to separate your thoughts and sensations. You must know that feelings of breathlessness or dizziness do not cause panic. Rather what you interpret from these leads to an escalation of panic. So separate the feelings from the thought. Then give rational explanations for your feelings and replace the irrational fears.

* Support groups may help you to deal with the problems. Talk about your feelings and sensation with someone that you trust. Friends and family often prove helpful in overcoming panic attacks.

* You can try some alternate therapies. Acupressure and acupuncture are popular treatments of choice in this category. Hypnosis have also proved to be helpful in some cases.

Learn some effective tips to overcome panic attack and understand the causes along with symptoms. To get more information on overcoming panic attacks that can help you get your panic disorder under control, you can visit https://www.panicattackpedia.com/overcoming-panic-attacks.html.

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