Otc Slimming Supplements – Are They Good Or Bad For You?

Obesity does not only affect the way you look. The health issues related to being overweight are numerous, and most of them are life-threatening. If obesity-related disease like diabetes, cancer, heart and bone problems don’t kill you, they can make your life miserable. The primary cause as to why a person becomes obese is when the calorie intake far exceeds the amount of energy expended. With technology supplanting traditionally human-driven processes and the proclivity for fast food items, obesity has become a pandemic.

This also lead to the health and wellness boom in recent years. Overweight and obese individuals feel the pressure to be healthier now more than ever and as such see a glimmer of hope from weight reduction drugs. There seems to be three modes to which these pills exert its effects. Some work as fat blockers, others as appetite suppressors or metabolism enhancers. These drugs may or may not require a doctor’s prescription.

Most over-the-counter pills are made from herbs and are often marketed as dietary supplements. Consumers are still torn as to the reliability and potency of these preparations. There are those who believe that the best over the counter diet pills are just as safe and effective as those that are dispensed only with a doctor’s prescription. Despite continuous information drive and promotional strategies, there are still segments of the population which feel that there are no such thing as safe diet pills that work.

This reluctance is not at all unfounded. In the past, Governments have tested and analyzed several of the best over-the-counter diet pills and found that these had traces of illicit or regulated substances such as ephedrine. Ephedra-containing dietary supplements, for example, are known to act as stimulants and as metabolic enhancers and had documented serious and potentially life-threatening effects which led to its ban in the US and in most parts of the world.

Still, there are testimonials that some dietary supplements do help in weight loss. If you do buy these dietary supplements, make sure to buy only safe diet pills that work. Check the label to see exactly what you will be putting into your body. Visiting your doctor may also be necessary to help you determine if the pill has ingredients which may adversely react to your current medications.

Losing weight is never easy. Even with hours of working out at the gym for hours and eating a well balanced diet, the weighing scale just doesn’t seem to budge. Getting the best over the counter diet pills may help. Click here to read more about safe diet pills that work.

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