No Win No Fee Solicitors Take Advantage Of Contingencies

A large payment was recently made to an ordinary couple by an international corporation. The successful litigants attributed their success to the fact that no win no fee solicitors provided them with the opportunity to fight a case secure in the knowledge that they would only have to pay if they succeeded in their claim.

Before taking on a case lawyers have to take careful account of the chances of success and the potential rewards that are involved. In cases where a victory is secured lawyers and clients enjoy win-win situations. The lawyer gets a substantial cut of the compensation and the client gets the compensation that he seeks.

Top quality lawyers whose services are sought after have time problems. One person can only do so much and income is limited by what can be undertaken. This may be why contingency work is not always accepted by lawyers. If paid work is plentiful there is little reason why a lawyer should undertake contingency work unless he feel s strongly about the rights of his client.

People seldom blame doctors when their patients die, but react bitterly when a lawyer charges high fees and then loses a case. It is easy to overlook the fact that a highly skilled professional person has at least stood as an advocate and done his best to present a client’s case. His education has been long and difficult and his expert services should be worthwhile.

In some countries the Bar is split between solicitors and barristers, or sometimes called attorneys and advocates. They serve two different parts of the legal profession. Attorneys tend to manage cases and do most of the paper work whilst advocates or barristers appear in court and work on the more intellectually demanding aspects of the law. In contingency cases, both must agree to work together.

No win no fee solicitors do offer exceptionally attractive services to clients who have sound cases but insufficient funds to employ expensive legal representation. There may be opportunities for justice normally denied by high legal costs. Yet if the outcome is favorable all will rewarded by the guilty party.

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