New Values For Our Children

You aren’t alone if you think that today’s youth are veering off in completely the wrong direction. We as parents have responsibility to the future of our nation so here’s a few things we can do to correct this growing problem.

A strong work ethic is essential, a lazy kid will grow into a lazy adult and they will have no motivation to succeed. We need to hammer home the message that hard work and commitment brings great rewards and can make for a much better quality of life.

Instead of letting your kids just sit in their rooms, get them out and about to experience the different aspects of this great country. If they have an insular upbringing with limited interests they will be ill equipped to deal with life as adults.

The family doesn’t exist as it once did, fact. Divorces, violent relationships and lack of time spent together have led to most families now all leading separate lives. This isn’t an easy one to fix and may never be, but we must at least try. Respect and responsibility are two places to start, spending time together will make these easier to implement.

Cut down on the media that overwhelms your kids. There is little substance to it and quite frankly they aren’t gaining much from sitting in front of a TV.

Young minds are like a sponge and absorb information at an alarming rate, but when that info all comes from the trash on TV we should be very worried. When they start to think that the program is reality we have a real problem. This is a major issue that needs addressing as soon as we possibly can.

Get your kids out in the fresh air to take part in some activities away from their gaming console. This and other pastimes have become a way of life for some kids to the point of obsession. Gaming, like everything else should be monitored and kept to a minimum.

There are so many extra curricular activities available for kids but they need to be encouraged to join on. See if you can get them interested in sports or a hobby and see what clubs their school has after hours. The more wholesome the pastime the better values our kids will learn.

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