Natural Remedies For Panic Attacks

People aren’t laughing at home remedies anymore. That probably happened about the time the medical community acknowledged that chicken soup may have some medicinal value. When the New York Times begins reporting about home remedies, they cease to be a joke. People suffering from anxiety disorders will be thrilled to know there are home remedies for panic attacks.

[the linden method]

Deep Breathing – You’ve probably already heard of the brown bag method, where you slowly breathe into a brown paper bag to help you overcome your anxieties. Well, brown bag or not, it really does work. If you get very good at learning to regulate your breathing you will find you can stay calm in the most tense situations. It’s all about focusing on your breaths: breathe in, completely filling your lungs; then breath out, completely emptying them. Nice. And. Slow. Also helpful for learning how to control your breathing is practicing meditation and yoga. These ancient practices have a proven track record.

And it’s Good for a Cough, Too.Honey and lemon juice is another one of the old home remedies. Juice half a lemon and mix it with a heaping tablespoon of honey and a glass of water. Taken at bedtime, this is believed to have a calming effect and prevent nighttime heart palpitations.Rock-a-bye.Do your best to get an adequate amount of sleep. There’s a reason your mother never liked being around you after you had been at a slumber party. Lack of sleep can make everything feel worse and it can make you moody. It can also trigger feelings of anxiety.

Find a bedtime routine and stick with it. You cannot make up for a week’s worth of no sleep by sleeping in on the weekend. Giving up the Precious.Many home remedies for anxiety attacks are just basic common sense. Cutting caffeine from your diet is one of those things.It’s no surprise that caffeine is a stimulant. When you are having a panic attack, your body is already over-stimulated. Too much caffeine can bring on the feelings of a panic attack even in people who do not normally suffer from panic attacks.

If you’ve ever had a panic attack, the experience is not a very pleasant one. The good news is, there are quite a few natural remedies for panic attacks that are successfully used by many and may help you manage, if not completely eliminate, your panic attacks all together.Relaxation Breathing Techniques.More than just some new age hype, learning to control the breath is an ancient method of calming the nerves, re oxygenating the circulatory system, and elevating the mind. The commonly used phrase, “just breathe” is used for a reason. Often times one of the most tell tale signs of anxiety or an oncoming attack can be first noticed in the breath, and it can also be stopped by learning simple breathing techniques in a meditation class, a yoga class, or a manual created specifically for managing panic attacks.Herbal Tinctures and Teas.

Although some have found that prescription medicines may assist with eliminating panic attacks, many others have found that the risks of side affects are not worth it for them. Therefore, they try herbal remedies such as valerian, chamomile, passion flower, California poppy, lemon balm, or kava kava. The effects of natural remedies vary widely.Keep in mind, that when using natural remedies for panic attacks some people can relax with, say for instance, a small cup of chamomile tea, someone else may need a much more potent herb, or even a combination of several to get the right mix that neither over or under sedates them.

Homeopathy.Homeopathic remedies are additional natural remedies for panic attacks, and they use dilutions of some herb or flower essence. They are another resource to try. For example Bach Flower Remedies, a variety of homeopathic solutions created from flower essences includes one specific remedy called the Rescue Remedy.The rescue remedy is create specifically for those in the midst of trauma and any type of anxiety type of experience.Other remedies (unrelated to Bach Flower Remedies) include “Kali phos 6x” which is a nerve tonic. It is said to be helpful in the case of a rundown nervous system due to worry or excitement.

All of these will help you fight off panic attacks. Also, alcohol and other forms of recreational drugs (yeah, I’m talking about pot) may give you a temporary feeling of calmness, they are actually stealing your body’s ability to naturally deal with anxiety. So when you use these drugs recreation ally, you may feel good at the time, but the next day, hung over and tired, you are far more prone to having attacks. You are also far less likely to exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet if you are a regular user of recreational drugs.Put simply, the best natural remedies for panic attacks-deep breathing, exercise and avoiding drugs-are just another way of saying: “Live well.” There is just no substitute for a healthy lifestyle. Try it! You might find you really like it!

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