My Latest Coffee Addiction

I’m a New Yorker and I love the coffee in this city. There are so many great options, many of which I can get within a few minutes with a simple walk outside. Unfortunately, there’s not enough time in the day to try them all.

It was just last week when I stumbled upon my favorite new coffee. In fact, this is the best coffee I’ve ever tried in my life. That’s a really bold statement when you consider how much coffee I actually drink.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters is a Portland chain with a very homegrown approach. While they’ve maintained a limited number of locations, the company’s owner recently relocated to Brooklyn, bringing about a few new locations in the New York area.

I’ve stuck to the regular coffee so far, and that’s seriously all I’ve needed in order to be sold. I’m hooked on it, and the iced and hot varieties are both fantastic. I’ve heard that the cappuccino is phenomenal as well.

Stumptown wins bonus points for the fact that their prices are extremely reasonable. In fact, the prices are just about what you’d expect to pay for any cup of coffee at a coffee house. A large coffee is three dollars, and they’ve included tax in their prices.

Amazingly, Stumptown Coffee Roasters almost has a cult-like following. Those who’ve tried it swear by the brand and refuse to drink any other kind of coffee.

Seattle residents are going as far as saying that Stumptown has the best coffee in their city. When a coffee chain is winning the praise of drinkers in a huge coffee city like Seattle, I think the praise speaks for itself.

If you have a Stumptown near you, consider yourself lucky and try it out. If you don’t, hope that the chain expands, and take advantage of any traveling opportunity you may get and try it out.

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