My Favorite Top 10 Simple Pleasures

Life’s Simple Pleasures

Over the course of my life, I have discovered more and more about how to relish life, and I have found that the key for enjoying life is to pay attention to simple pleasures. I like simple pleasures because they are available to everyone: they don’t cost much money and every person has an opportunity to experience them. Some people might be anxious, burnt out, pressed for time, or may not recall the little things that make life so great. In fact, lots of people may be wondering if they have any idea of how to enjoy life at all.

In my opinion, in order to enjoy life, all you have to do is figure out how to destress and how to unwind and then the little pleasures of life will blossom right in front of your eyes.

Here are some of my favorite tips for how to enjoy life:

1. Put on your favorite music, whether that means spinning the ol’ turntable or firing up the ipod, and dance around the house (pants optional).

2. Take 10 minutes to sit outside on the front porch (or front door or lawn).

3. Shut your eyes and take one really long, deep breath. Be conscious of your chest expanding as the air flows through you.

4. When you are surrounded by people (inside an elevator, waiting in line at the post office, or even sitting in a meeting) wiggle your toes. Your footwear will still be on, so it will be your little secret. Focus on how fantastic your socks feel and how your shoes have broken in to flawlessly fit your feet. Or maybe, if you did not put socks on today, then notice how wriggling your toes can transmit little tingles running through your feet.

5. Hug someone. If there isn’t anyone around, go hug your own family pet. If you are all alone, then give yourself a wonderful, long hug. Physical contact is a good method to release tension and express how much you care.

6. Laugh more frequently. Watch an amusing TV show or Comedy film or find some good movies on

7. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself out loud a minumum of one nice thing that you would desire to hear from someone else.

8. Take a short nap….this is a true indulgence for me!

9. Roll your neck gently from side to side. Focus on your muscles as they stretch and feel your stress melt away.

10. Get an extra fifteen minutes of sleep at night. You can expect to get out of bed more refreshed, vitalized and alert.

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