Muscle Pain? Consider These Helpful Remedies

Even if you are an expert at physical fitness, you probably suffer from muscle soreness from time to time. This is a common ailment for all who exercise, whether you are just getting started with a fitness program or not. Here are some easy ways to alleviate the muscle pain.

Two time-tested and inexpensive remedies include using a combination of ice and anti-inflammatory medicines to reduce muscle pain and swelling. If you prefer not to use over-the-counter medicines or cannot for a medical reason, then just place an ice pack on a sore muscle. This alone can sometimes be enough to reduce the pain. You can also use ice several times each day for several days to keep swelling and discomfort at bay.

While you might feel like just resting and not doing anything, this can be detrimental to your recovery. A little stretching or doing some flexibility exercises are a good way to heal sore muscles. When you begin to move, the temperature of your muscles increases, which increases blood flow, and this blood brings oxygen to your sore muscles and begins the healing process.

While you obviously shouldn’t run a marathon, you could complete a lighter version of your usual workout. You could also substitute a short walk or other light activity in place of the normal workout. Don’t work out too hard; just enough to get those muscles warm.

If you were hoping to continue your normal workout or if your muscle pain is making workouts difficult, consider using a kinetic performance system, such as the one made by RapidForce. These systems are unique adhesives that you place on top of a sore muscle group.

Kinetic performance systems have a distinctive design, and when you place the system on a sore muscle group, it protects that muscle and gains strength from the muscles that surround it. The systems are safe, containing no medicines or other substances, and because they use a medical-grade bonding agent, they won’t come off during a workout. You can find systems for the lower or upper back, the knee and the shoulder area.

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