More About The Breville 800JEXL

There is a reason why nearly a million models of the Breville 800JEXL have been sold worldwide. This juicer has for various reasons become something of an industry leader in the world of juicing. Both consumers and industry experts consider the Breville juicer to be the best on the market.

What makes this juicer different is that it does not require you to peel, dice and core fruits. The Breville Juicer came onto the market in 1999 and changed the way fresh fruit juice was made. Instead of having to peel, dice and take the cores out of apples, pears the juicer can now do that for you. Shortening the juicing time to a matter of seconds.

This acclaimed juicer manages to do this by having a feed tube positioned over the centre of the cutting disc. This design creates balance for the whole fruit. While this fruit balances a knife and dual action blade grind the fruit down to small particles.

This juicer is made of heavy duty die cast stainless steel. This means that the molten metal was shaped at high and intense temperatures. This ensures that the metal is very durable and has a beautiful refined finish. The cutting disc is titanium plated with a stainless steel micro mesh filter.

Another aspect that makes this juicer so popular is how easy to clean it is. The difficulty of cleaning juicers is most often used as a reason not to buy or use one. In this model all the parts can be safely used in the dishwasher. They have also been designed with minimum of food traps so do prove much easier to clean.

While the motor of this juicer is pretty high at 1000 watts you can trust it to ensure the correct pressure is applied. A micro chip is placed in this product to regulate blade power. Based on the weight of each load in the juicer it uses the necessary power.

The capacity of the juicer is relatively high. It comes with a general one liter jug for the freshest fruit juice. As mentioned the fruit and vegetables can in most cases be tossed in without any peeling or dicing. Although fruits like oranges will have to be peeled first. These fruits and vegetables can then be juiced in seconds.

If you have to store your juicer in the back of a cupboard somewhere you are far less likely to use it regularly. This specific model is designed with aesthetic in mind. The Italian style and design means you are far more likely to want to display this juicer somewhere prominent for all the world to see.

The Breville 800JEXL takes a lot of the fuss and trouble out of making fresh fruit and vegetable juices. The health benefits of fresh juices are regularly espoused to us as a great way of getting your fruit and vegetable intake. This juicer allows that to be done relatively painlessly.

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