More About German Presenters And Why They Are In Top Demand

A German speaker will be popular for many different reasons. They bring creativity and fresh perspectives to a wide range of topics. Popular lecturers include public figures like former chancellor Kohl and world class athletes like tennis superstar Boris Becker and soccer great Franz Beckenbauer. These speakers can entertain large crowds or more intimate gatherings with their knowledge and creative flare. They can speak at academic conferences and business meetings as well as other similar events.

One well respected German speaker is Hans-Olf Henkel. He once headed Europe’s division of International Business Machines (IBM). He has also authored several books on important economic issues. Furthermore, he is a member of the human rights advocacy group, Amnesty International. Mr. Henkel can speak on both business issues and human rights issues, because of his well rounded background in these areas.

Another presenter who is gifted in the field of economics is Beatrice Weder di Mauro. She can conduct presentations on a range of economy related topics including offering perspectives on the contemporary global fiscal crisis. She is currently a professor at the University of Mainz. She has also consulted for major international organizations like the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. She can conduct seminars with businesses and other groups that discuss financial and economic issues.

Former chancellor Helmut Kohl, who presided over Germany during its remarkable reunification process, can also be invited as a guest presenter. Kohl’s experiences during the cold war era are particularly valuable in this time of global unrest and international uncertainty. He speaks with grace, eloquence and poise and he can help students learn about European history and Europe’s role in the world. He can also provide perspectives on other nations, based on his experiences as chancellor.

Former athletes are also good choices. Many people can connect to former superstars like Tennis great Boris Becker and football star Franz Beckenbauer. Becker was once a Wimbledon tournament sensation that left crowds in awe. Beckenbauer is regarded as one of the best football players to ever play the game. These athletes make great motivational speakers for adults and school age children, athletes and non-athletes alike. Both individuals are experts at their sports and each approaches speaking with confidence and a sense of humor.

All sorts of events can be enhanced by inviting a popular and entertaining presenter from overseas. These individuals can give lectures at seminars, conferences and motivational meetings. With many skilled speakers to choose from, Germany is an attractive place from which to recruit guest presenters.

Because Germany has become one of the most important nations on the European continent, guests from there are increasingly popular. Many American universities and businesses like to invite overseas speakers to add a foreign perspective and a global flavor to their presentations. Guests from Europe can provide interesting outlooks on contemporary events as they are viewed from the European continent.

German speakers can help entertain audiences at a wide range of different event types. From formal seminars to informal dinners, these lecturers can amuse and educate audiences of all ages with their wisdom and courage. Contacting a guest speaker should be done well in advance to prevent scheduling conflicts.

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