Modern Day Dental Services

Dental services today encompass a wide range of preventive as well as corrective techniques and approaches in oral wellbeing. Like every other walk of life, in dental services too experts and super specialists are ruling the roost, supported by advancements in modern technology. Simultaneously the awareness level of the patients has also gone north, thanks to information & media revolution and the internet.

Therefore, the dental services offered by any clinic faces a stiff completion and drive the dentist to take the onus in being transparent about the range of his services, availability of expert support and use of technology that can be anticipated by intending customers.

Services expected by todays informed public may include the following, but not restricted to them alone: Orthodontic assessment, dental charting, diagnosis and remedys Radiographic examination including panoral and lateral head plates. Study of casts and occlusal analysis Detailed instruction in Avoidance of dental & oral ailments and advice on dietary and hygiene aspects related to them.

Surface application of sealants and fluoride preparations. Scaling, polishing and marginal correction of fillings. Pathological examinations as required Making, fitting and correction of various dental appliances including bridges, dentures, and implants as applicable. Non-surgical periodontal treatments (root-planing, deep scaling, irrigation of periodontal & sub gingival pockets) Endodontic remedy, pulpotomy and apicectomy. Oral surgery for removal of cyst, buried root, unerupted tooth, impacted tooth and alveolectomy, as applicable Frenectomy and frenoplasty.

While all the over facilities may not be offered in-house for any modest dental practice, the patient may still require reassurance of the dentists affiliation to hospitals or other specialists on-call, as and when some of the services above may be needed. Todays patients needs to be reaffirmed that the clinics services does not stop with removal of amalgam, root canal treatment, crowns/bridges/fillings/dentures and periodontal remedys alone, but more modern techniques as and when needed will be made accessible to them.

Some of the technologically advanced approaches that are likely to reassure your patients may include some of the following: Use of small antibiotic powder placed in a small keep and released over fortnight (Arestin) Use of intra oral images with printer or monitor interface. The images commonly are noted down for future reference (storage facility to be available with indexing).

Use of invisible or transparent braces (invisalign) with periodic review as deemed necessary to get the alignment to computer generated imagery for the patient to see the helpfulness of the technique. This is preferred by patients over conventional metallic braces (barbed wire braces) Use of OraVerse TM which rapidly relieves the patients local anesthetic and also his/her anxieties. Use of this drug is resorted to in other surgical procedures too.

Computer controlled native anesthetic injection that has been claimed to be more comfortable to the patient and minimizes collateral numbing (called as the Wand in some literature)and releases less quantity of the anesthetic as the technique is more pin-point. Use of hand-held device that can establish and concentrate on to any oral cancer if present by changes in fluorescence in the tissues (Velscope)

Some of the most modern approaches obtainable to any modern clinic offering dental services have been highlighted, although ALL of them may not be feasible in any family clinic. However, the patients may like to be reassured that they are getting remedy from the best informed personnel in the profession and external help if needed shall be made readily available to them. This reassurance will go a long way in building relationship with the client community.

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