Mapquest Directions Make My Favorite Hobby Even More Fun

Driving causes a lot of stress, and stress is not good for our lives, that’s why finding a good source of directions will always make your life better. Some people think that finding a good driving directions service is hard, or expensive, but it really isn’t, in fact there are many web mapping sites that offer directions free. I’m a frugal guy, I don’t like to spend much, I think that getting money isn’t that easy, so I try to maximize the money that I have as much as I can, that’s why I don’t like to waste money on expensive GPS services and devices, instead I like to use the help of really good online mapping softwares like Google Maps or Mapquest.

MQ is probably the most popular directions provider on the web, in fact this has been one of the most used web mapping sites for more than 15 years, MQ is one of the oldest internet mapping sites, and it’s still considered one of the best. I’ve been using this amazing web mapping service for more than 10 years, and till this day it has never failed me, now everyone in my family uses this service because of me.

If you enjoy driving, like most folks do, then you should visit the official MQ website every single day to get very accurate, step by step directions that will help you time and money. Driving is one of my favorite hobbies, everyone that knows me, knows that, but I do have to use internet mapping services when I have to deal with things like traffic, closed roads, and stuff like that.

MapQuest driving directions are incredible, they are accurate, quick, easy to follow, easy to get, and free. To get directions simply go to, once you are at the official MQ site click on the blue get directions link, enter your starting address in A, enter your ending address in B, click on the big get directions button or simply hit enter, then wait for a couple of seconds until the route builder plots the best route on a very high quality MQ map.

A lot of folks think that the driving directions service that this site offers is not as accurate as it was a couple of years ago, but that is not true, in fact the directions that this website provides are even better now than they were in the past. The MQ website was recently redesigned, the site now offers better looking maps, and the directions are now more accurate as well, at AOL’s online mapping site you can get biking, transit, and walking directions as well, in the past you could only get driving directions at this website.

Learn more about Map Quest, Google Maps, and other interesting routing solutions at

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