Lower Body Injury Claims

Injuring yourself at work or home is a common practice and when it comes to specifics, broken legs are among the most common injuries to occur. With a direct impact on your mobility, broken legs are also among the most serious injuries as they can often affect your ability to perform your usual working tasks and therefore potentially lose you your source of income. A heavy compensation pay out could be in order if you are injured as the result of a third party’s negligence and you are left out of pocket for this reason.

Sport is one of the main causes of any leg injuries. Whether you are playing sport for fun, to keep fit, or in a competitive environment, if you don’t warm-up correctly, or if you simply have an unfortunate collision, then you can quite easily end up with leg injuries including a broken leg. If you are injured due to your own fault then unfortunately you cannot claim, but if it is due to negligence on behalf of a third party – perhaps incorrect flooring on your sporting court – then you may be eligible to claim for compensation.

Motor vehicle accidents are another major cause of broken legs. This most commonly occurs when cars collide and your leg becomes trapped in front of you. Motor vehicle accidents always have a guilty party and if It isn’t you then you may be eligible to claim from the offending party for your medical and loss of income costs.

Aside from the incredible pain, broken legs can be very restrictive. Plates and metal rods are often required for a badly broken leg and these can prevent you from moving around, often confining you to a hospital bed for the duration of your treatment.

Even after the rods or plates have been removed you may still need a few weeks in plaster. If you have to have a plate permanently placed into your leg then you may be able to claim for long term injury compensation.

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