London Display: Madonna’s Iconic Corset Bra

In 1990, Madonna’s album Like a Prayer sent a buzz throughout the world because of its overt sexuality and racy imagery. Her fans still think of her as the Queen of Pop who wore the corset bra. Buy corset bra online!

As pieces of clothing go, this iconic green and white corset has become a famous piece of clothing. Over the years, this corset bra has become an emblem of the singer, and fans continue to love the look and style. One Christie’s auction actually saw a fan spend $80,000 for the auction of this bra and corset last year!

The name of Jean Paul Gaultier also became famous because of this bra and corset.

Jean Paul Gaultier’s Corsets On Display

For the past three decades, Jean Paul Gautier, the French fashion designer has worked closely with Madonna. For the singer, he was the one designing the stage corsets, corset tops, and corset dresses.

Along with couture and 140 stage costumes from Gaultier’s personal collection, Madonna’s corset is also going to be on display at the Barbican in London.

It will definitely be a fashion exhibit to look out for. It will feature concerts, films, music videos, footage of models walking the catwalk in Gaultier’s corset, corset dresses, and unberbust corset designs, and dance performances. For anyone who loves this designer’s work, the show titled The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk will be something they would love. Improve your appearance with corset tops!

So now that he is being displayed in London how does the designer feel about it? He’s ecstatic. Gaultier thinks that London was the first to welcome him into the fashion world and that is why London happens to be a special place for him still. Another thing the designer is honoured by is the fact that it was the esteemed Barbican gallery that decided to pay respect to him.

Visit the Barbican Centre in Spring 2014 and you too can be a part of this wonderful and exciting event. Choose from yellow membership for 20, orange for 40, and red for 100 according to your personal choice. Each membership offers access to different areas and discounted prices on tickets. With a little planning, you too can enjoy the beauty of Gaultier’s line of corsets, corset dresses, and, of course, Madonna’s iconic bra and corset garment. Find the best corsets from Vollers-Corsets!

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