Law of Attraction: The 3 Most common Mistakes (Part I)

Have you tried applying the Law of Attraction and have not seen any results? Are you feeling exasperated, exhausted? Do you think “That’s not for me” or “Yes, the Law of Attraction works except for others” or worse “I’m enticing the opposite”. Then I invite you to read this draft that I believe holds the key to clear your disappointment and change your results.

Many individuals try each day to apply the Law of Attraction and by end of the day have a sour taste and say to themselves “It doesn't work for me.” First, let me explain that the Law of Attraction works for everyone and all the time (isn't important if we are conscious of it or not).

Now, if the Law of Attraction (Ley de Atraccion) works, why you have not yet achieved what you need? Or worse, why it is you are captivating quite the opposite? Something is surely wrong and should be altered.

Here, I leave you a list with some of the commonest mistakes we make and that never would bring us closer to our desires:

1st mistake: Anxiety

Most people desire many things and need them now, and though the Law of Attraction works fast, there are times (and usually a problem of internal dialogue and doubt) things look as if they were not working, like they were never moving.

And accept it or not, things are taking place, they are “brewing”. But , what folks customarily do? They lose patience, get discouraged, they start to assert “The Law of Attraction does not work for me” and return everything to 0 (or even worse)

Therefore advice: Do not get discouraged. Go on and have religion and determination. Look at others who've achieved what you need to attain, get inspired and away from the bad vibes and unproductive thoughts. Repeat to oneself “There is no failure, just learning.”

2nd mistake: Doubts

Everyone begins the same way, full of energy and just considering what they'd like to attract rather than what they don't want. But , in time that small inner voice (which is silent at first but slowly begins to gain more space) starts to say “This isn't working” or “I do not think we do well” , a nd hearing that voice is the worst that would happen, because obviously hearing it, we ended up doing the incorrect thing and having no results.

So what to do when doubts and destructive thoughts attack us? The solution is straightforward, is named gratitude.

We cannot be doleful and thankful at once, or scared and thankful, or depressed and thankful, those feelings just do not mix. So as quickly as you sense those “feeling blue moments” coming, write down a list (psychological, in your telephone or a notebook) of 5, 10, 15 things, folk or scenarios in your present life to be grateful for. (And I'm not chatting nearly super crucial things like being alive and also to appreciate those tiny things which make us more happy “that cup of coffee in the morning” or “the smile of my son before going to sleep” , etc)

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