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If you want to improve your reading skills, there are two main factors that you should take into consideration: training your eye muscles to be able to see more words at a time and training the linguistic part of the brain. There are several tips that you could try to guarantee the success of speed reading. The practice is one important factor in improving your skills.

Think about the fact that you have leant reading in time and speed reading process also takes time to get to master it. You should start the process with an easy book or novel because this way your eye and your linguistic part of the brain are prepared to begin the process. The most important tip is that you should not use the speed reading for everything because there are important documents, like legal documents that require attention and you should not be in a hurry when you read them. It is better to design a plan before starting this process.

When you start the speed reading process, you must keep the time of your reading to verify later if you have made any improvement or not. To improve your reading speed, you should follow an entire plan of reading techniques and eye exercises that prove their efficiency in time. Here are some important features for speed reading improvement: a good environment, maintaining an excellent posture, adequate oxygen, eyesight and focus. When it comes to techniques, meta guiding technique is very popular. Meta guiding technique was invented by Evelyn Wood who taught that if we use a certain object to guide us when reading the reading speed skills will improve.

It is not enough to learn the techniques of speed reading, you must practice them if you want to keep them sharp. Make warm up exercises and evaluate your reading skills on a regular basis if you do not want to lose your work until now. Specialists say that your speed reading skills can only be as good as your eyesight allows it to be. People over 40 are recommended to get their eyes checked at least once a year. In order to maintain your speed reading skills sharp, you should exercise as often as possible. So, when you open a newspaper , a book, or a magazine, test your reading skills and see if you can do this as a professional.

An enriched vocabulary is another factor that can help you in reading faster. It is only logical that with fewer unknown words the speed will improve. It will be more easier to read unknown words if you learn some common prefixes, suffices and roots and it will be very useful in the speed reading process. The best way to enlarge you vocabulary is to read more and very diversified texts because you will be able to learn new words from different domains. All in all, if you want your speed reading skills to be permanent, you have to include reading in your daily life. Practice daily to obtain excellence.

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