Is Your Self-Esteem Affecting Your Paycheck?

Psychology shows that a woman’s level of self-esteem and confidence is directly linked to her level of financial income. In fact, the higher the level of self-esteem, the higher your income will be.

According to University of Florida management professor Timothy Judge, women from “average income” families will earn $7,000 more if they have “higher self-esteem” and confidence than their low self-esteem counterparts. If you do have high self-esteem and also come from parents with professional or business backgrounds, you’re likely to make $28,000 more than those who suffer with low self-esteem but come from highly wealthy families.

What does this mean for you? It means if you are a career woman or business woman who is not making the income you would like and achieving the level of success, title, and accolades you really want, it may have to do with areas of your self-esteem and confidence that have been compromised. How Employers Interrupt Your Self-Esteem and Confidence:

1. Employers lose confidence in your work.

a. If you feel uncomfortable, overly nervous or anxious when presenting your work to supervisors, they will immediately see it and they will FEEL it. Your lack of confidence to present the work sends the message that the work itself is uncertain, even if every fact is on target. If you demonstrate a lack of confidence in presenting, they will immediately lose confidence in WHAT you are saying.

2. Employers only see you as a contributor.

a. When employers are looking to promote, they seek leaders, or leaders in the making. They choose people who instill confidence in others. If your self-esteem or confidence is not up to par, you will not reflect these traits. It’s nearly impossible to instill confidence in others if you do not have it in yourself. You will be viewed as a contributor but not a leader, even if you have all the right qualifications and training.

3. Employers don’t trust your decisions.

a. When employers or supervisors are seeking a manager, they are seeking someone who can perform well and make good decisions quickly and effectively with very limited supervision. They want someone whom they don’t have to worry about and who can act on their behalf if they are not available. They want someone who commands the respect of the team and whom the team will follow. People with diminished self-esteem and confidence often struggle in a decision-making process, for fear of making the wrong one. Your uncertainty will make your supervisors and employers uncertain.

The good news is that there are powerful tips, tools and techniques that you can learn and leverage to start building ultimate self-esteem, confidence and courage right now.

To begin to change your self-esteem, you will need to work on changing your opinion or thoughts about yourself. It’s about exchanging the bad habit of negative self-talk with the good habit of positive self-talk. It’s slightly more complicated, and takes practice and awareness. But it will change your life, increase your income, and improve your overall level of joy and life fulfillment!

If low self-esteem and confidence are affecting your career advancement and your paycheck, there are many methods that you can start applying to boost your levels today.

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