Insulin Choices

Rapid Onset-Fast Acting

Rapid onset-fast acting insulin always has a clear appearance. As its name implies, it can act as quick as a minute to twenty. It has its peak at about an hour later and effects can last three to five hours. When you use this type of insulin, you must eat immediately after you inject.

Short acting variety

This kind of insulin also has a clear appearance. This insulin lowers blood glucose levels about 30 minutes after being introduced into the body, so inject this half an hour before your meal.

Short acting insulin has a peak effect at two to four hours, and lasts for between six and eight hours.

The intermediate acting variety

This type looks cloudy. They have either protamine or zinc added to delay their action. Effects don’t start until about an hour and a quarter minutes after injection, with a peak at 4 to 12 hours, and an entire duration of 16 to 24 hours.

Preventing Diabetes

Diabetes calls for a lifetime of checking of blood glucose levels and treatment. If you don’t have good control of your blood sugar you’ll be at risk from damage to the blood vessels and nerves, with problems such as deterioration in eyesight, stroke, kidney disease and infections.

Your physician has probably told you that all you need is the proper diet and some medication in most cases. Being an overweight diabetic can be difficult, so lose some weight to better control your blood glucose levels.

Should You Use Insulin Pumps?

The number of people using insulin pump therapy to manage their diabetes is growing rapidly; roughly 250,000 people around the world use an insulin pump. Their reasons for choosing the pump are many, but generally “pumpers” all agree that it gives them tighter control and more flexibility — both in terms of their schedule and lifestyle. Some advantages are:

Getting to eat what you want at any time you wish Lesser chance of being hypoglycaemic Not having to revolve your whole schedule around snacks and shots

There are many studies that prove how effective insulin pumps are for both teens and adults with type I diabetes. There are also studies that show that insulin pump therapy works well in toddlers and pre-school children.

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