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Enzyme linked immunosorbent assay is a major way of diagnosing human health condition. It is a method of diagnosis that has undergone several transformations and hence has been adopted for use by many persons in the health sector. Enzyme immunoassay was the initial version and it operated in a more similar way. The preparations are availed inform of a kit. This gives the famous name of ELISA Kits

Types of test gears: There are many different kinds of preparations. All of these preparations are basically designed to work with same principles with little variation in the approaches taken. Main notable distinctions are the direct and indirect forms. Direct preparations involve use of prepared antibodies to detect antigens and indirect preparations involve use of prepared antigens to detect antibodies in a sample of interest.

A second variation or difference is what is termed as sandwich Elisa. This preparation is used in the measurement of antigens entrapped between two layers of antibodies. This far there are up to 138000 different kinds of test kits available on demand.

Uses of these products: These tests are very useful as they aid detection of antigens or antibodies present in a sample being evaluated. It can therefore be necessary to apply these tests in improving the quality of outcomes in areas as; determination of serum antibody concentrations, home pregnancy test and the food industry operations. This kind of test has widely been adopted and applied in fields such as immunology, biology, and biological pharmacy among many more.

Whereto find the test kits: Several persons and companies are involved in the production and trade in exam kits. One must be able to identify reliable firms that supply trusted products. Poor supplies means poor results in all endeavors in which low quality supply has been applied.

While organizing or preparing for the purchase, close interest must be given to quality. This means that such aspects as precision, sensitivity and specificity must be reviewed and evaluated before choices are made. It forms one of the tested and proven ways of ascertaining quality.

Benefits of using the test kits: There are a number of advantages in using these test kits. The overriding advantage is that they are accurate and fast. This makes them very reliable and reassuring at the same time. Secondly, these kits are easy to use. They do not involve a lot of technical evaluation interpretation to obtain the needed results. Thirdly, tests of this kind are often cheap as no huge financial expenses are generally incurred by the client. Lastly, there is an added advantage that the tests can detect both antigens and antibodies as the need may be.

Conclusion: Of all the diagnostic tools, these test kits form the best option for all tests that can be done using them. They make life simple and grant both the care givers, researches and clients a breathing space. It is therefore recommended that this be the first choice as an alternative to other complex expensive options. Better still, there are several preparations which therefore offer a client a wide range of choices to make.

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