IKwote. New quotes, new facts & new layout!

IKwote is a new website designed especially as a convenient homepage to search the web from & inspire your day with a large collection of quotes and facts. The number of quotes and facts on iKwote stand far into the thousands, giving you a great variety of inspirational, wise, knowledgeable and sometimes even funny quotes and facts. But now, I can only imagine the unlimited uses for a website such as iKwote.

When iKwote was first created, it started out just like most website on the web today. A hobby. I liked quotes and decided it would be cool if I could have a homepage with a large collection of wise and inspiring quotes to indulge in every time I opened my homepage. Sadly for me, this service was already available on many sites throughout the internet. But I was determined that I could go one step better than a simple page that just shows a load of awesome quotes. So I added the feature of being able to search the World Wide Web using the search engine of YOUR choice (Google, Bing, Yahoo or Ask) directly from iKwote.

After I completed, what I thought was, my greatest achievement EVER, I couldn’t help but think of more things to add to iKwote to make it more of a convenient website to use. So… I added facts into the website, just as I did with quotes. I then added support for “Themes” which changed the title, colours and backgrounds so that you could personalize iKwote to your liking. If it was going to be your homepage, you’ve got to like the look of it. I even added a “Youtube interface” from which you can search for videos and even view the day’s “Top Rated”, “Most Viewed” & “Recently Featured”. The Youtube interface worked out pretty well because it doesn’t show the annoying video adds that you usually have to sit through. I’ve added a “Flag” feature, profile pics for quotes and facts, a search feature for quotes and facts, Facebook integration & the ideas for future updates just keep on flowing. And I haven’t stopped thinking of things to put into iKwote in the future. I’ve thought of integrating a news feed, jokes, random website of the day, popular flash games, music. The list of possibilities is only limited by my imagination.

Time is something I don’t have much of which has made the development of iKwote a very slow process. And after a recent and dramatic page layout/design change, the themes will have to be totally reconstructed setting me back in the development of iKwote. But I always managed to notice some wise quote that appears on my iKwote homepage which makes all the effort worth while.

Although slow and painful at times, designing iKwote has been a great experience for me. I just can’t wait to see what it will be like in the future 🙂

Want to find out more about iKwote, then visit this website loaded with heaps of facts for you to indulge in.

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