If it is Your Aim to Become a Leading Expert The Best Way is to Learn by Doing

In the old days every craftsman learned his craft as an apprentice. He developed into a master by watching a master and modeling his ways. And when he turned into a Master he took on apprentices of his own and taught them everything he knew. In this way good practices were maintained and standards were high in all skilled trades.

It’s a great shame that the modern way cannot remember the value of learning by watching and doing. We believe that we can teach people in lecture rooms by talking at them. But that’s not a natural way for people to learn. Children learn by watching and copying their mum and dad. That’s the natural way. We must have opportunities to practice if we are going to be certain that we can implement the skills that we learn.

That’s the way by which Richard Bandler and John Grinder learned from the top communicators whom they modeled at the start when they were developing NLP techniques. They would observe excellent behaviour, code the behaviour and then go out and copy it in their own work.

To reach a high standard in any area of our lives we must observe the finest in action and then we’ve got to practice. It is true that practice makes perfect. But perfection is only worthwhile if we practice excellent behaviour, not if we practice poor behaviour.

It is worth noting that in the old days the Masters of every trade set up Guilds where they could develop and perfect their talents. Membership of such Guilds was highly cherished and all apprentices aimed to join their own trade Guild.

So , how much pride will you take in your talents? How much do you model your behaviour on that of the people that are excellent in your area of expertise? How frequently do you practice?

As an NLP Practitioner my job is, “to show exactly how to get the feel of using the same behaviours as high achievers to thrive and achieve everything you have ever visualised for yourself both at work and in your personal life”. I achieve results for the staff of major corporations like Dell, Yves St.Laurent, J&J, RBI, GM and P&O through business coaching using NLP Techniques.

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