How you can have a Childlike Attitude

[I:]What exactly is it about a child that is so worry free and entirely packed with interest. Somehow when people grow up they often start to lose that care free, curios spirit and get caught in a rut going through life wanting to change as little as possible. In fact often change becomes almost a profane word for many and one most people stay away from at all cost. This is really what brings a person’s life to a standstill.

So what is it that transpires that triggers this change to occur? Change often begins in the mind before it ever takes any physical truth for anybody’s life. A child is continually in the process of change both mentally and physically discovering their surroundings to find the new and fascinating things around them. Yet, as people become older this fascination with life is often something which is the first to vanish and in fact turns into something lots of people want to avoid.

Typically people hate change so they carry on with the same way in life every single day because it makes the least amount of disruption in their lives. Yet, when you look at the characteristics that exemplify childhood, two would be fascination and curiosity and these are the antithesis to a static life. Each child has these two qualities that they create in life. It’s these characteristics that cause a child to discover their surroundings without the effects of feeling foolish. It’s also these qualities that enable a child to grow.

But as children get older and become adults, at some point it is no longer natural to act on a feeling of fascination. At that point, it can be almost more valuable to look great in front of other people. So , to do something that many displays a child like fascination might not reflect the kind of impression that might appear acceptable.

To have a fascination with life means that you’ll need an aspect or characteristic called faith. Jesus of Nazareth spoken of the value of possessing child like faith over two thousand years ago. He said it was people with this kind of belief who would inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. He went on to say that this was the only way this kingdom could be entered as faith is the essential element for someone to get in.

There are many gains to having such a child like fascination and faith. Some of the main ones could even be seen as health associated. Emotions just like anger and stress can start swiftly to dissipate when they are seasoned with fascination and faith.

So nowadays, make it a priority to reactivate that child like part of your life. Become the person of whom it can be said that He was truly a great person because He never lost the heart of a child.

Start becoming an individual that learns how to possess a childlike attitude, recognizing the importance of fascination and faith as components for a healthy life.

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