How Using An Encrypted Proxy is a Good Method to Protect Your Internet Identity

Surfing the internet now is as common as getting dressed and going to work. More and more people are using the Internet for everything from work to paying bills to shopping and their social life. But there are dangers online and identity theft is just one of them. Your privacy can easily be invaded as well as censorship on certain pages or information. There are organizations and hackers that have ways to get information, some of that personal data, on surfers online now. But web users are in luck, because there are programs today to help protect yourself online using an anonymous proxy.

The first thing anyone surfing online should understand is the IP address. This is your identity online, this is why companies can find you and recognize you. IP addresses can be looked up rather easily on a number of sites today and they will identify the location of where you are based as well as various other items, but not your name. The only way to avoid that is to mask your IP address.

A proxy server program is the best and quickest way to provide yourself some protection by hiding your IP address. These proxy servers have many IPs that are associated with each other and are set up to randomly change every thirty minutes. To keep the IP from being identified and looking like an anonymous proxy, they mask the URL of the IP addresses with other domains.

Shopping online is common today and so is bill paying, but you should not assume every site has protection in the form of encryption to protect your data. Social sites are the biggest threat as they have very few or no security measures in place. These are perfect venue for those less than scrupulous people, who once have a hold of an IP, follow it and track what the owner of that IP is doing. At some time or another, they may be able to gather your personal information and use that to swipe their identity if you stumble upon a website with no protection.

Privacy invasion is a huge issue for many. It is normal for your ISP to log your web activity, legally they have to. However, search engines also like to monitor your Internet usage for their own purposes. Although it may enhance your web experience, when the search engine builds a profile for you, it also keeps track of what you are doing. That is why it knows which ads to place when you are surfing certain sites. A proxy masking IPs prevents that as your profile is a mix of many users thus protecting your privacy.

There are nations who censor what their citizens can access online, notably China and the UAE. Sadly, this is done in other ways all over the globe. Free Wi-Fi hotspots in cafes, hotels, and libraries all carry their own form of censorship. Sometimes this is needed, but mostly it goes a bit too far. But an IP that is hidden is able to bypass that censorship.

Getting your IP blocked from a site or forum, usually for no reason at all, happens at times. This can hinder your money making if it is a needed site. Sometimes this happens because the site or forum owner has done a reverse look-up on your IP and decided that maybe you were surfing from a competitor’s site or IP address, so they blocked it. Using a program to change your IP will help you get around ridiculous bans.

You should protect yourself online with an anonymous proxy server today. This is becoming more and more necessary every day. You have the right to shield your privacy and your identity whether it is business or personal. Feeling safe and protected online is easy now when you use an encrypted proxy. This will not only change your IP from everyone else, it will encrypt your Internet habits.

Don’t become the victim of an invasion of privacy! Secure your online identity by using an Anonymous Proxy server to hide your IP address. Find out more about how proxy programs work.

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