How To Win With Golf Betting

Golf betting continues to excite bettors around the world. Not only does it invite gamblers to give themselves a stake in the action on the course, but it is also a perfect way for them to possibly win large sums of money. In that respect, it is similar to other types of sports gambling activities.

It should be pointed out, though, that it is anything but wild speculation. Those who get a thrill out of flipping coins and cutting a deck of cards to see whose card is higher will find little of interest here. True success in this realm involves time spent learning how to identify value in the odds, players, and tournament field. This is equal parts science and art.

The odds

Every bettor needs to understand that odds are not a reflection of who the bookmaker expects to win. They are a way for him to limit his liability. As a result, he places lower odds on those players he thinks are likely to receive a high volume of bets, and higher odds on those who are likely to be less favored by bettors. That’s why the most popular golfers always seem to have the best odds and lowest payouts.

The players

It is crucial for bettors to understand the various players in any tournament. They should know these players’ reputations and histories, and how well they have been playing. This can make it easier to find good players who represent real value in any tournament simply because they are playing well, but may not attract the betting attention that some of the big names receive.

Find value where others don’t

These bargains are often found by focusing on players whose odds of winning are calculated at around 40-to-one or slightly higher. Anyone who has watched the sport understands that any of these players can, on any given day, rise up and win even the bigger tournaments. Most bettors underestimate the value of these selections.

By placing enough of these bets over time, a bettor can guarantee that he will succeed in enough of his selections to compensate for his inevitable losses. Multiple bets in every tournament offer the best strategy for long-term success. The key is to have a large enough bankroll to sustain losses that will usually outnumber the wins.

There is no avoiding the need for a sound strategy if a bettor wants to enjoy continual success. Savvy bettors who have undertaken the challenge of golf betting understand this concept and are always looking for ways to maximize their winning potential.

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