How To Use An Epilator For The First Time.

You are fed up with having to shave every day and have decided to use an epilator instead so you can be hair free for around 6 weeks. The only problem is you have heard horror stories about how much an epilator hurts and that it can leave your skin super red an irritated. Here are a few suggestions on how to get started without jumping into the pool at the deep end and epilating your whole body day 1.

Tip 1: You will want to make sure you wash the area that you are going to epilate. This will make sure that the hair is clean and easy to pull and not stick to your leg. (If you use the epiltor after you shower make sure you have dried you skin completely.)

Number 2: If this is the first time you are using an epilator don’t start with your entire body. Pick your lower leg for example and just do that part of your body. Then you will want to wait 24 hours or so to see how it looks and if your skin is very red and irritated.

Number 3: Now you have the spot you want epilate you can now start to epilate using short back and forth motions going against hair growth.

Step 4: Wait until the next day to check your skins reaction. (Some people may experience redness and irritated skin)

If you go through the following 4 steps your first time using an epilator can be an enjoyable one. As you get more and more comfortable with your epilator you will grow to love it. Instead of having to shave everyday in order to keep your skin silky smooth you can comfortably go 4-6 weeks without have to worry about hairy legs etc. That is 12 times a yes instead of 365. Now that is a happy thought.

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