How To Start A Mattress Cleaning And Sanitizing Business

Times are hard and getting harder and bosses are finding it difficult to keep staff on, which makes the likelihood of redundancy a very real; prospect for many people. One means to endeavor to secure some sort of income is to begin your own small business from home, which is what lots of people are turning to.

If you are hoping to begin a business for yourself, you will almost certainly have seen many offers of dealerships or franchises in the classifieds, so which one could you go for? The answer might be a mattress cleaning and sanitizing business.

Why am I proposing that you give this business plan some thought? Well, I will lay out the fundamentals of my rationale below.

More and more people, particularly the young have become sensitive to allergens. In other words, allergies are on the increase and the bed is one of the most common origins of these allergens along with carpets.

You see, all beds and all carpets are home to millions and millions of dust mites, which are tiny creatures, invisible to the naked eye, that feed on flakes of dead human and animal skin that we all shed every day. These mites defecate and die and rot, both of which can be an irritation causing itchy skin, coughing and red eyes.

Then there are bed bugs. The incidence of bed bugs is increasing exponentially like no period for more than seventy years and the biggest challenge is in inner cities and hotels. Nobody wants to sleep where they think that there might be bed bugs.

People are keen to save money, so if they suspect that they have a problem with their mattress, it is cheaper to clean and sanitize their existing mattress than to buy a new one. This is true of private individuals but particularly the case of hotels with dozens or even hundreds of beds.

As human sensitivity to allergens and the incidence of bed bugs continues to rise, a business that offers to clean and sanitize mattresses can only expand.

You are doubtless new to the business of cleaning and sanitizing mattresses, so it would be best for you to buy a franchise from an existing company that knows precisely what you need to get the task done efficiently and at low cost.

The best thing about the equipment that you need to clean and sanitize mattresses is that it will work on carpets, curtains, pillows, upholstery and anything of that kind and it will not only deal with dust mites and bed bugs but also with infestations of fleas and ticks and various types of mold and bacteria.

You will need to do a lot more research if you like the idea of this business. Try to find a supplier who will let you buy the equipment, not merely rent it, and will supply promotional literature too.

If the company can provide leads as well that would be very useful to the beginner, but is not essential. The company should also provide training in the use of its mattress cleaning and sanitizing equipment

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