How To Keep Your Tendons And Ligaments Healthy So You Can Keep On Exercising

A single injury to one of your joints can completely reverse any weight loss progress you have made. You see, joints take a long time to heal.

Unfortunately, many weight loss hopefuls do not know how to protect their connective tissue.

So, without further ado, here is how to prevent joint pain for better weight loss:

1. Start with high repetition ranges: If you have taken a lot of time off or if you have never exercised before, make sure you start your resistance training with very high repetition ranges. This will help make you tendons and ligaments strong before you move on to more intense exercise.

2. Avoid repetitive types of cardio: Your best bet here is to add a lot of variety to your cardio training. You see, cardio is a great tool for enhancing fat loss. But when you do the same type over and over again, you overtax your joints.

3. Don’t train if your joint is sore: It’s critical that you let connective tissue completely heal before getting back in the gym. You see, the poor blood supply connective tissue receives makes it very hard for it to heal quickly.

4. Consider water aerobics: Water aerobics are a great modality for maintaining the health of your connective tissue. You see, water aerobics take most of the stress off of your joints which in turn increases their longevity.

5. Incorporate resistance training: Resistance training is a great way to increase the health of your connective tissue. You see, muscle helps take the load off of your connective tissue. Think of it as a web of strong fibers that lighten the load.

6. Supplement with glucosamine: Some solid research has shown that glucosamine has the potential to reduce joint degeneration at the cartilage level. So if you are having issues with your joints, consider taking glucosamine.

Damage to a joint can completely reverse any progress you have made. Thus, it’s important that you follow the advice in this article!

Author Katherine Crawford, a fitness expert and former arm fat sufferer, instructs on how to get toned arms. Figure out how to get sexy and sculpted arms by exploring her blog with upper arm exercises for women now!

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