How to Apply Eye Makeup for Green Eyes by Working With Your Skin Tone

They say that the eyes are the windows to one’s soul. True enough, when we get introduced to someone, the eyes is the first thing that we look at. How many people get attracted to another person simply because she has beautiful and expressive eyes?

And green eyes are even more arresting. For that reason they are also difficult to makeup well. But guess what, with a little eye makeup, there are ways to make those sparkling green eyes of yours stand out. All you need is a little know how. With your green eyes, you know that having eye makeup that’s right for green eyes can give you the head start on the makeover you’ve been after for so long.

In choosing the right eye makeup for yourself, there are two things to consider. First, you need to understand your skin tone. Naturally, you would not want to put eye shadow that is the exact color of your skin. Otherwise, what is the point of wearing makeup? No one will see it anyway and hence, it will not do anything to flatter your assets. The second thing to consider is the true color of your eyes.

Women with brown eyes are often thought to be very lucky because their eyes seem to go well with almost any color of eye makeup. The fact is, people with sparkling green eyes are just as lucky.

Their eye color may not be as easy to match with the perfect eye shadow as those with brown eyes but when done right, they can certainly look startling. There are some little known techniques you should know that will greatly help you to apply eye makeup for green eyes, the right way.

As a rule, pimento brown looks great with green eyes. That is because it has a red undertone that is very subtle and is a little tamed due to the dominant brown color. Of course, if you want to experiment more with your eyes, many of these tips will be more effective depending on the color of your skin.

If you have green eyes and you are fair skinned with a few freckles, it is a no no for you to use eye shadows that are shimmery and have a very deep shade to them. There are matte eye shadows that will definitely bring out the best in you by highlighting your eyes and drawing attention to your green-eyed gaze. That is one important tip on how to apply eye makeup for green eyes.

If you have green eyes and you have an olive skin tone, then the colors that you should avoid are silver and blue. You can stick to your brown colors and your beiges. Even rich chocolate brown can work for you. Think Jennifer Lopez. You hardly see her with eyes that are too bright. By properly blending in the brown color to your skin, you can have the bare appeal and still look your absolute best.

This last tip on how to apply makeup for green eyes will add a bit of mystery to your look.

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